Foxy Lady

See it... Love it... Want it... Get it!

Foxy Up with Foxy Lady Camo exclusively brought to you from Thunder Mtn Camo.

Foxy Lady gives you exactly what you want! Bright Hot Pink and Vibrant Purple leaves and branches with plenty of Grey, Black and White to keep it toned.

Foxy Lady is a Classy Camo pattern with a Classy Name for all you Foxy ladies who love to hunt! Are you a “dirty girl” or a Foxy Lady? Join the Foxy Nation Revolution of Women Hunters who choose more realistic camouflage pattern detail in the colors they love!

Foxy Lady Camo pattern can be used over ANY base paint color for all your gear you love! The options are almost limitless. Mix Foxy Lady with white, black, teal, silver, purple, pink, grey, blue, green and more to create your custom look!

Foxy Lady Camo is available for the Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographics Industry with our select Licensed Applicators. We hand select each Licensed Professional Decorator to ensure your gear turns out fabulous!