Foxy Woods

Oh My Foxy!

Foxy Up your gear and more with Foxy Woods exclusively from Thunder Mtn Camo.

Foxy Woods Camo is most certainly unlike any other! Set to satisfy the traditional fall camouflage colors with some flair! Foxy Woods combines realistic oak trees, vibrant fall leaves and acorns and ties in lovely shades of Hot Pink!

No more “baby powder” pink here Ladies, this Hot Pink is certain to please! Join the Foxy Nation Revolution of Women Hunters who choose more realistic camouflage pattern detail in the colors they love!

Foxy Woods Camo is available for the Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographics Industry with our select Licensed Applicators. We hand select each Licensed Professional Decorator to ensure your gear makeover is fabulous!

Foxy Woods Camo is also available on new firearms for purchase! Legacy Sports International offers HOWA brand rifles for adult and youth in Foxy Woods Camo, and ESCORT shotguns! See our Partners page for more info.