High Definition, Perfect Concealment...
Provided by one of Nature's most Versatile Predators...

YOTE is the Premiere All Natural Coyote Fur Camouflage pattern for all your decorating needs!

Real Coyote Fur provided by Mr. Les Johnson with Predator Quest himself!

YOTE not only looks stunning, it blends in with your surroundings flawlessly, just like these predators do.

Exclusively brought to you by Thunder Mtn Camo, YOTE is a must have on your favorite predator hunting rifle!

YOTE is available for the Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographics Industry with our select Licensed Applicators. We hand select each Licensed Professional Decorator to ensure your gear turns out perfect.

YOTE is also available on new firearms for purchase! Legacy Sports International offers both HOWA rifles and ESCORT shotguns in this pattern! See our Partners page for more information. You can also watch Les Johnson in action with the YOTE ESCORT shotgun on Predator Quest this new season on the Sportsmans Channel! See our Media page for more information.